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At RDS, we’re immensely proud of the reputation we’ve acquired thanks to the countless projects we’ve undertaken over the years.

Customers everywhere continue to choose our company over our competitors as they recognise that we offer affordable, quality services that cannot be beaten.

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But if you’re still on the fence, we’d like to direct your attention to the case studies below which provide useful insights for some of the projects we’ve undertaken. If you’d like to make any enquiries after reading through these studies, call our team today on 0121 328 8403.

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Automatic Entrance Doors & Gates

Jaguar Land Rover Limited

Location – Solihull

Date of completion – March 2017

Project – Installation of 13No RDS-HLX High Speed Sectional Doors & 8No Steel Hinged Pedestrian Doors

Project Specification – Block 3 refurbishment project. With Jaguar Land Rovers continued success and increase on vehicle production their Solihull production plant has seen a mix of new builds and refurbishment’s of existing blocks to aid in their increased numbers.

The door package required a product that was high speed and reliable that could sustain high use on a 24/7 basis.
The product needed to be robust but provide and adhere to all required UK building regulation “U” Values and Db values whilst not comprising on the building aesthetics’ and design.

Project Undertaking – Upon successfully winning the contract Rowland Door Services set upon finalising the specification with the principal contractor.

Using the RDS-HLX we had a product that was robust enough to achieve the high operation requirement and also was fully compliant with all current industrial door safety and UK building regulations.

Working closely with the principal contractor on the design and final layout of the door package RDS agreed all steel requirements, service requirements and automation and traffic flow measures and controls.

Our design and sales team were able to use their knowledge of the automotive sector ensuring a fit for purpose product that would achieve the operational requirement and would stand the test of time.

With product arriving onsite late December 2016 RDS set upon installing and by the end of January all of the product was installed including a full commission ahead of schedule and within budget.

Industrial Door Engineers

Doncaster Precision Limited

Location – Droitwich

Date of Completion – October 2017

Project – Removal of a single skin roller shutter door & installation of an RDS-All Weather High Speed Rapid Roll Door

Door Project Specification – Our client’s good’s intake had doubled within a couple of months and their existing roller shutter door was struggling to keep up with the demand of the operation required. Our customer required both speed of opening to cope with the demand of use but needed to maintain building temperature integrity.

Project Undertaking – Our design and sales team attended site to obtain an understanding of our client’s needs, to gauge first-hand the use the new door would be receiving and to provide a solution to temperature control.

Using the RDS-All weather M2 Fast Action Rapid Roll Door we were able to provide both the benefit of speed and maintain required temperature.

Achieving opening speeds of 2.4m per second and with a superior wind resistant seal the product and crash forgiving properties the door was the ideal fit for our customer’s purpose.

For extra piece of mind our customer also took out an ‘RDS- Gold Maintenance Package’, with regular scheduled visits now arranged the RDS-All Weather M2 is warranted for upto 1,000,000 operational cycles.

Our client also took full advantage of the bespoke curtain printing options available, having text printed to the curtain to warn users.

With full install and commission taking 1 day there was minimal disruption and down time to our client’s daily operation and they are now able to cope with their influx of extra works.

Industrial Door Engineers

Milton Keynes

Location – Milton Keynes, Fenny Lock

Date of Completion – May 2017

Project – Installation of 35No Retractable dock shelters, wheel guides & 35No Pairs of RDS-Sliding Dock Buffers

Project Specification – Our existing client moved into a warehouse that was in need of a face lift after years of serving as a main distribution centre for a large UK supermarket chain.

All of the loading bays onsite had been subjected to multiple rounds of impact damage, rendering them all inoperable and in need of full replacement.

The dock buffers on all of the loading bays had also served their purpose and had either fallen completely off the wall or had been badly damaged, causing more damage to vehicles than serving their initial purpose of protecting/minimising damage.

Our client had two key requirements, one was to source hard wearing equipment that would stand the test of time and secondly would be value for money, they required a product that would give them peace of mind that they one outlay would be sufficient for years to come.

Project Undertaking – Our first task was to determine and understand why the damages onsite were so severe and ensure the product that we proposed to install would be fit for purpose. Our focus was to ensure our client wouldn’t be facing similar issues within their occupancy.

Our sales team and loading bay specialist attended site and conducted a full site walk with the customer. The objective was to ascertain what volume of use each bay would be subjected to and also determine what types of vehicles would be frequenting the site and using the equipment.

It was decided that across 35No bays, twenty five would be standard size shelters and ten would be bespoke heights to accommodate double decker trailers.

Using the RDS-DR300 retractable dock shelter provided excellent all round protection from the element’s keeping the workforce and goods protected. The seal is created by the side and head curtains moulding around the top and side of the vehicle as it reverses into the loading bay to meet the dock buffers. With future damage in mind the RDS-DR300 gave our customer the peace of mind that in the event of a misaligned vehicle impacting the front of the shelter, the structure will retract preventing any potential damage to the bay. Once the vehicle leaves the bay the shelter will return to its original position.

As an added measure to ensure perfect docking we installed a pair of wheel guides on all bays. The wheel guides are anchored to the floor and aid the reversing vehicle onto the loading bay, providing guidance for correct wheel alignment.

We installed 35No pairs of RDS-Sliding Dock Buffers. Using the sliding buffer our customer had a number of benefits. The sliding buffer design allows movement of the buffer within it’s housing when docked, so it will move with the trailer as goods are taken on and off the vehicle and also the buffer pad itself is reversible therefore increasing the wear life and reducing replacement costs.

The project was completed in just under 7 weeks from point of order. Our customer could start operations at their newly refurbished distribution centre safe in the knowledge that their loading bays were going to stand the test of time.

Aston Martin Lagonda Limited

Location – Gaydon, Warwickshire

Date of Completion – August 2018

Project – Paintshop/Polishing Line corridor refurbishment

Project Specification – The existing paint shop and polishing line for our client were separated by a pedestrian corridor and toilet block.

AML Staff were having to move each vehicle body around the plant to switch from one process to the next, increasing the risk of damage to the body itself and also the time taken for staff to carry out the procedure. With an increased volume of manufacturing for our customers productivity and process efficiency were in need of an overhaul.

It was decided that the existing pedestrian corridor would be modified to allow a complete run through from polishing line to the paint shop within a new purpose built airlock. The corridor would double up as part of the VIP factory tour so the door package needed to be cosmetically pleasing yet fully fit for purpose.

Project Undertaking – Upon successfully winning the project the RDS sales team were keen to determine the customers bespoke requirement and ensure that we nailed the specification, the area was a prestige showpiece for the client and everything needed be 100% right.

After multiple design and pre start meeting’s it was decided that we would use the RDS-D313 Fast Action Rapid Roll Door as we knew we were supplying a product that was both cosmetically pleasing and was in keeping with the crisp and clean cut requirement of the customer.

Each door was fully painted as per the specified RAL for paint shop project, this included painted guides and covers.

We also allowed for a 400mm vision section within the curtain of each door giving the day to day operatives a clear path to easily transport the bodies of the vehicles between departments whilst giving the VIP a glimpse into each element production whilst on the factory tour.

As the corridor would become a VIP area our R&D department set upon ensuring the product came with the very latest industrial door technology to give the product the added “wow factor”.

Both doors were fitted with state of the art RDS-Dynalogic 5 control panels and interlock slues system to create an airlock between both doors. (see our products section for detail on the RDS-Dynalogic 5)

Activation and ease of use for the operatives was a key factor for our client. Although fitted with the RDS-Dynalogic 5 our client also required accessible activation devices for the doors when vehicles were in transit.

We installed both doors with mushroom push control stations to allow ease of access for Aston Martin Operative’s when transporting bodies between departments.

The paint shop corridor works were handed over within the agreed time frame to full customer satisfaction and the works have played a part in reducing customer production times and increasing productivity. Our product has now been successful specified by the customer and we are currently working on a multiple projects across the group.

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