Dock Shelters

Many warehouses and industrial sites require loading bays to transport goods to and from their premises.

As well as dock levellers, here at RDS, we design and manufacture high quality dock shelters for our clients. It is essential that your goods and staff are protected during the loading and unloading process, which is why we provide you with safe and secure shelters.

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We Provide a Bespoke Service

The main purpose of dock shelters is to act as protection from weather so that you can load and unload goods to and from vehicles safely. They are ultimately designed to boost energy efficiency and enhance working conditions, and here at RDS, we can manufacture dock shelters specifically to your needs.

There are different styles that are more suited to specific buildings and warehouses, but if you’re unsure which you would benefit from, our team are here to help. Below, we have outlined some of the options that we can manufacture for you.

Retractable Shelters

A retractable dock shelter is exactly as the name suggests – a dock shelter that is retractable. When this dock shelter is in use, the operating mechanism will push the shelter outwards from the building, encompassing the lorry and sheltering the dock from the elements when it is in use.

When you no longer need to use the dock shelter, the mechanism will retract it, pulling it back towards the building and storing it within the framework. A retractable dock shelter has an additional safety function integrated into the system – if it is knocked or damaged when in use, it will automatically retract, returning to its original position

Inflatable Shelters

For cold stores, inflatable dock shelters should be at the top of your list as they create a tight seal around the vehicle. Loading and unloading food requires certain temperatures, and with an inflatable shelter, the temperature will be maintained throughout the process. In addition to this, we provide foam dock pads that will act as protection for the lorry.

By implementing these, the bay is less likely to suffer any damage, and the mobile inflatable head can adjust to the vehicle to provide a tight seal.

Quality Assured

As well as manufacturing and supplying dock shelters to clients, our team here at RDS also provide first-class maintenance and repair services. If we have designed a bespoke seal and shelter for your warehouse or industrial site, then our engineers should be your first point of call if any problems occur.

Our professionals are experienced in all aspects of dock shelters, so we will have the solution and appropriate fix for the situation. We would also advise putting your systems under regular maintenance to ensure health and safety measures are being met. Our team at RDS, will also save you money in the long run, as we can flag up any potential problems before they become severe issues.

It is important to note that you will get the best out of your dock shelters if they can provide the following:

  • Safe Working Conditions
  • Increased Productivity
  • Weather Protection
  • Longer Life Span

Additional Features

For more information about how we can manufacture dock shelters tailored to your specifications, give our RDS team a call on 0121 328 8403.

Now that you’ve had an opportunity to learn more about the exceptional dock shelters we supply and install, we advise you to give our helpful team a call today on 0121 328 8403. 

Dock Shelters
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