Sectional Installation Success

Sectional Installation Success

RDS-HLX & RDS-ISO40 Sectional Installation Success

Finding solutions and overcoming challenges

We love a challenge and pride ourselves on our ability to solve a problem and overcome the toughest challenges especially when and where others have tried and failed.

This particular customer is a steel stock holder and has invested heavily into a new purpose-built fabrication and steel holding workshop.

As you can see from the pictures one of the biggest investments was a huge overhead crane that dominated the roof space and spanned the building.

Our customer came to us when they had been told by two other door contractors that it wasn’t possible to get a door to go up and around the crane and that the only option was to install a roller door below the
crane rail and ultimately lose vital opening height.

This was simply not an option to the client, full height and width was required to ensure the facility was fit for it’s intended purpose.

Our technical team worked closely with architect and crane technicians and set upon getting a track system that we knew could work around the crane and give the customer the vital opening height that they so required.

When all the drawings and designs had been approved by all parties, we finally opted for the RDS-ISO40 sectional door using a bespoke partial high lift track system.

The doors were fully installed and commissioned over the course of three full days.

The customer was delighted with the end result and the fact that they didn’t have to compromise on any of the original design specifications was a welcome relief.

A great example of how divisions within RDS work together and also work closely with the client to ensure we provide the right product for the right application.

We don’t see anything as a problem, we simply see it as a challenge and we excel in succeeding in all challenges.

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