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Are you looking to fit out your industrial premises with a new set of filling bay devices? From dock levellers to dock bumpers, if you have actually arrived to RDS, you‘ve concerned the best location. For nearly 40 years, we have actually been supplying exceptional setup, maintenance, maintenance, and repairs services throughout Nottinghamshire and beyond.

From automatic doors and high-speed shutters to advanced loading bay devices, we manufacture exactly what our consumers need to meet their precise specs. And through our continuous services, we can make sure that your doors, shutters, and filling bay equipment stay in great working order.

We do not simply supply the very best dock levellers around, however we also professionally install them and completely check them. Our team leave no stone unturned, so you can anticipate the very best possible outcomes. Plus, our competitive pricing framework suggests you won’t wind up paying over the odds for new dock levellers. If you ‘d like to find out more, call us now on 01213 288403.|

Are you a service looking for Nottinghamshire dock levellers? Do you require a platform that bridges the gap between your filling bay and your automobile? Then look no more.

Here at Rowland Door Services( RDS), we create, produce, and install your personalized dock leveller. With a team of specialists who have more than 39-years of experience, you make sure to obtain the highest quality of customer support along with top quality personalized products.

We supply Nottinghamshire clients with the utmost quality and care. If you would like more info or to receive a quotation on installing new dock levellers, please do not be reluctant to contact us by means of your preferred approach. If you choose to contact us by means of telephone, you can call us on 01213 288403. Nevertheless, if you choose to call us through a written approach, you can email us at

Alternatively, you can submit our contact form on our website. A representative of our skilled crew will help you with all of your inquiries and go into depth about our bespoke service in Nottinghamshire.}

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The Go-To Provider for Nottinghamshire Dock Levellers

When it comes to sourcing the very best quality loading bay devices, you’ll have a difficult time discovering a company that can compete with what we provide here at RDS. Dock levellers and dock bumpers are important functions of any filling bay place setup.Without these critical pieces of equipment, it would be difficult for lorries to safely dock and for the loading and offloading of products to occur.

By coming to RDS for your filling bay equipment, you’ll have the assurance that any demand will lead to a service customized to your requirements. We produce and install the best high-performance systems, all with the current innovative features consisted of.Thanks to our bespoke upkeep and servicing strategies, we can preserve your loading bay devices in full working order.

And should you ever encounter a problem with your dock levellers, our knowledgeable repair group are only a call away. We’re available 24-hours a day, seven days a week, so give us a call if you need aid.

An Introduction to Dock Levellers

An Intro to Dock Levellers

Many industrial and commercial site owners will already understand dock levellers and comprehend how crucial they are to day-to-day operations. Dock levellers are a piece of packing tools that is used when filling and unloading products from delivery van.

Having quality dock levellers in position will make the process of loading and unloading items far quicker for your personnel. The many advantages used by dock levellers is why clients continue to purchase and upgrade them to enhance work efficiency.

At RDS, we have an excellent series of quality dock levellers available for customers. Our group just use the finest materials readily available when crafting our dock levellers to make sure that they meet our high standards. We strongly believe that it is our duty to provide dock levellers that have actually been designed to last and are extremely functional. Our team has kept up with the times and made certain that all the most recent loading bay innovation has been integrated into our dock levellers.

What are Dock Levellers Used for?

What are Dock Levellers Utilized for?

It’s not surprising for a warehouse floor and the delivery car to not be perfectly aligned, which is obviously not conducive to loading and dumping items and equipment.The function of dock levellers is to level up the distinction in height in between the lorry and the warehouse floor, allowing for the hassle-free loading and unloading of the delivery truck.

Dock levellers are found at warehouses in front of warehouse doors and at shipping or train yards. There are three kinds of dock leveller that clients can select from, and each has its benefits and applications.

The very first type is ‘Swing Lips’ that ascend to the acme before resting gently onto the vehicle bed.As soon as in position, the dock leveller is created to auto-adjust itself to guarantee it’s properly lined up with the car. Swing lip dock levellers can accommodate loads of approximately 6,000 kg or 10,000 kg, depending on your option.

The second type is ‘Telescopic’ dock levellers. These dock levellers are created for situations where extra variety is needed. This alternative is offered in numerous lengths, consisting of:.


As with swing lip dock levellers, customers can select versions with weight capabilities of approximately either 6,000 kg or 10,000 kg.

The third type is manual dock levellers that are geared up with manual dock packing plates. As the name implies, these dock levellers need no power to operate, making them a fantastic option for those wanting to conserve money and the environment. Manual alternatives have low upkeep needs, so they are worth considering if automated dock levellers aren’t a necessity.Irrespective of the type you pick, all are available in your option of RAL colour.

Perks of Using Our Nottinghamshire Dock Levellers

Advantages of Using Our Nottinghamshire Dock Levellers

One of the main perks of dock levellers is that they help to increase time effectiveness for companies that load and unload items often. Having a dock leveller in place will enable your crew to move items to and from the essential vehicles without a problem. The dock levellers will guarantee that products can be transported quickly by means of the necessary equipment. It is because of the speed efficiency provided by dock levellers that they stay a helpful addition to all industrial and commercial sites.

Another advantage of dock levellers is that they help make the procedure of moving products to and from automobiles much more secure. A dock leveller will guarantee that your staff members are not straining themselves and have the ability to move products in adherence to health and safety guidelines. Without dock levellers, it is more likely that mishaps will take place in your loading bay area, so it is important that you have quality designs fitted and maintained to a high requirement of performance.

Dock Shelters

Dock Shelters

Loading and unloading will happen come rain or shine, and if the weather condition is wet and windy, this can put important stock and equipment at risk. It’s likewise not a pleasant experience for the staff members that need to do the loading and unloading.That’s where the dock shelters enter the equation.

Dock shelters surround the warehouse door and can be deployed, extending outwards when a vehicle is docked. They line up with the truck, sealing into place to form an airlock in between the truck and the storage facility. This airlock protects those working within from the rain and wind outside.

At RDS, we supply both retractable and inflatable shelters. Retractable shelters are ones that extend and pull back. In contrast, inflatable shelters inflate to form an airtight seal around the automobile. The primary distinction is that inflatable shelters are developed more for temperature-controlled loading bays. Because they form a seal, they assist preserve the internal temperature level throughout.

Our Series Of Industrial Garage Doors

Our Variety Of Industrial Garage Doors

Here at RDS, we wish to make sure we can accommodate every client’s requirement, despite the product and services they need. This is why we can offer more than simply dock levellers and dock shelters— we can supply much more than simply loading bay innovation in Manchester. Our customers can also come to us for other entryway options, consisting of:

Roller Shutters.
Moving Doors.
Folding Doors.
Automatic Entrance Doors.
Sectional Doors.
And Much More!

Why Select Our Dock Levellers Nottinghamshire Clients?

Why Choose Our Dock Levellers Nottinghamshire Clients?

Here at RDS, we are a team with several years of experience in designing, manufacturing, and installing commercial entrance options. In this time, we have built up a wealth of knowledge, which has allowed us to more improve and broaden upon our products and services. Now, we can deal with all customer’s needs, despite the service or product they need– automatic doors, shutters, dock levellers, we can handle it all.

We comprehend that every property and organization is different and, as such, every request for entryway services will be different. This is why we provide a bespoke service for every single customer, ensuring their product has been customized to their exact requirements and property. Our service for dock levellers in Nottinghamshire is no different– we will work with you to set up a dock leveller that meets your demands. We can even create and install bespoke dock shelters too.

Along with installing our high quality dock levellers, we can also provide efficient repair and maintenance for them too. We offer this service 24 hr a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year as we understand your levellers can malfunction at any time of day and it is very important to have them up and running again quickly. So, whether it is the middle of the night or a weekend or public vacation, our team will always be on hand to assist.

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So, would you like to get going with the finest Nottinghamshire dock levellers on the market? Then you require to connect to the specialists at Rowland Door Services today! We’re constantly ready to go through inquiries from prospective consumers at length, so contact us now if you have a question about our Nottinghamshire dock levellers. Our group will make sure that you have all the required requirements so that you can make an informed purchase!

If you ‘d choose to speak to our crew over the phone, you can do so by giving us a call on 01213 288403. Additionally, email any queries you have to or fill out our online contact form. Our personnel will look over your questions completely and return to you with the needed details as rapidly as possible.

Keep in mind, we are extensively considered to be the best supplier of quality Nottinghamshire dock levellers, so make certain to contact us if you want to capitalize.

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