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High-Quality Sectional Doors in Northampton

When it comes to having a brand-new set of sectional doors installed on your commercial property, you will want to ensure you are working with a trusted and knowledgeable team. After all, you will require your doors to be customised to your precise requirements, yet strong, durable, and high performing. It is for these factors that a lot of customers turn to us at RDS for their sectional doors in Northampton, as we are the premier group.

We have years of experience in creating and setting up custom commercial doors for our clients across Northampton, sectional door shutters included. In this time, we have actually built up a wealth of understanding and left lots of customers highly satisfied with our high quality doors and accuracy installation. As such, no matter the kind of sectional door you need, or your customisation options, our group of experts will have the ability to supply and install the ideal door for your property.

Bespoke doors are our speciality here at RDS, so you can rest assured knowing you will get the highest quality sectional door, entirely tailored to your every requirement. To learn more about these doors and how we can help, continue checking out below.

Our Range of Roller Shutter Doors

Our Range of Sectional Doors

Here at RDS, we identify that requirements will vary from one case to the next. As such, we do not just merely supply a “catch-all” set of sectional doors. For example, you can opt for standard section doors or upgrade to high speed doors if you need them to open and close quickly. A large part of the reason you ‘d need them to open and close so quickly is to prevent heat loss.

Due to the fact that high speed doors open and close so quickly (1m/second), the temperature level inside hardly has a chance to fall before the doors have resealed again. This implies you need to run your heating far less, conserving you on your energy expenses. To assist matters further, all our doors come with an insulating core, the thickness of which varies depending on which of our sectional doors you choose. The options offered are:


Each of our sectional doors is consisted of a double galvanised steel skin with a stiff PUR foam core diminishing the centre. The core is what is accountable for offering the insulation, and the number (40/ 60/ 80) informs you of how thick the core is in millimetres. The thicker the core, the much better the insulation rating of the doors.

So, if you live down on the South Coast, an RDS-ISO 40 door might be a great choice, while a Northampton customer may opt for a 60 or perhaps an 80 version.

Extra Doors

Sectional doors have long been a popular option of doors for Northampton business owners. The doors themselves are comprised of sectional panels, each of which is made from material of the highest quality. The sectional doors that we provide in Northampton tend to be made from stainless-steel, which substantially improves durability. The quality of sectional doors sets them apart from comparable industrial doors on the market, which is partly why they are among our most popular door types.

Another feature of sectional doors is the unique way in which they run. When you open a sectional door, each sectional panel will fold into one another as they’re raised into the ceiling. This space-saving opening technique makes sectional doors best for locations in which space-optimisation is vital. Each sectional door that we provide has an advanced opening system in place, so you can anticipate the model that you acquire to carry out to an extremely high requirement for a very long time.

Automatic Entrance Doors

Advantages of Using Sectional Doors for your Northampton Company

There are ample benefits to selecting a set of sectional doors for your company, and these consist of:

Space-Saving Style

Totally Insulated

Improved Security

Safer Than Other Automatic Doors

Strength and Toughness

Sectional doors, like roller shutters, open vertically, but unlike roller shutters, they fold into the ceiling area. Each sectional door is made from hinge-connected panels that let the door flex and bend. As it opens, it slides up into the ceiling area, where it sits flat. Because of how it opens, it does not extend outwards, maximising precious space in front of the doors.

This means you can park vehicles a lot closer, and you also will not need to stress over obstructing anybody if your doors open onto a public walkway.

With our sectional doors, you’ll have a set of high speed doors, security doors, and insulated doors all rolled into one bundle. Our doors come with market-leading locking systems designed to keep out even the most identified burglar.

Because each panel links directly to the track and since our doors come with anti-entrapment features (according to UK and EU policies), there’s little chance of getting your fingers stuck. This is reduced even further because these doors can be opened automatically, making sectional doors one of the most safe alternatives available.

Finally, the strength and sturdiness of our doors indicate that they’ll stand the test of time, withstand even violent weather condition, and endure the rigours of daily use, even in a hectic environment.|

Benefits of Using Sectional Doors for your Northampton Company.

There are lots of benefits of using sectional doors for your Northampton business. Lots of businesses require to prevent weather from seeping into your garage, so we have developed our sectional doors to be long lasting and weather-resistant that can protect your items from weather damage. We also offer full customisation of your sectional garage doors; we have the ability to tailor the manufacturing of your brand-new garage doors to your specific requirements

If you are aiming to have a cost-efficient garage door, then sectional doors are the right doors for you. Their high speed means quicker opening and closing times than standard garage doors. In addition to that, if you are seeking to minimise making use of lights within your garage, we can set up a number of windows into your sectional door. This permits natural light to enter your garage without opening them. This stabilises the level of security and light control

With companies such as the food market, you will need to prevent contamination in addition to preserve the storage areas temperature. These high speed doors, Northampton clients, will avoid the entry of pests that might ruin and infect your items; as well as that, with high speed operating doors, you can control the total temperature of your area. This enables you to securely save items that require to be kept at a regulated temperature level.|

Advantages of Using Sectional Doors for Your Northampton Company.

You will find that there are lots of advantages to investing in a set of our sectional doors in Northampton. A few of the many benefits consist of:.

Space Conserving.

Long lasting and Strong.



Thanks to the way sectional door run, these doors can conserve space in and around your home. They open and close by rolling up and down vertically, with each specific section folding away under the ceiling of your home. As such, you are able to park vehicles and discharge excellent straight in front of the door, while still having the ability to open and close them unimpeded.

Furthermore, these doors are durable and strong, so you will be purchasing a long-lasting item with our sectional door shutters. Thanks to their strength and sturdiness, these doors will also be harder to get into, making sure the safety and security of your property from any unwanted burglars. Plus, as they are extremely long lasting, they will hold up versus negative weather condition, keeping the interior secured from the elements.

Another benefit to our sectional doors is their safety compared to other automated doors. As each area of the door is attached to the track separately, they can open and close smoothly and quietly and securely. They will also feature anti-trap functions, which prevent fingers from becoming caught in between the panels, and there is always a manual override too.

Lastly, our sectional door shutters offer remarkable insulating residential or commercial properties. With three alternatives readily available for the density of your panels, you can pick your level of insulation, making sure the interior of your property is temperature level managed.|

Benefits of Using Sectional Doors for your Northampton Business.

One of the primary factors that sectional doors are such a popular choice for Northampton customers is that they provide lots of advantages. For example, sectional doors are exceptionally easy to operate, thanks to their basic yet simple design. You can feel confident understanding that every member of your team will be able to operate our sectional doors without any issues. Such ease of operation will help you to enhance the efficiency of operations for your business.

Another significant advantage of sectional doors, Northampton clients, is that they offer outstanding security advantages. As discussed in the past, sectional doors are incredibly durable, implying that they are effective against prospective intruders, as well as external damage. If you’re looking for industrial doors that are sure to last, considered that they undergo routine maintenance, then our sectional doors are the answer. You can learn more about the benefits of our sectional doors by contacting us today!}

Folding Doors

Are Sectional Doors Reliable?.

You may be wondering if section doors are dependable? We can offer you both the long and short answers. The short answer is yes. To be guaranteed of the reliability of sectional doors, we use high-grade steel that you can pick a choice of thicknesses. In addition, each of our doors is made to withstand extreme weather and discourage intruders.

To make and install a garage door that satisfies your needed needs, we work to provide you with high-quality steel doors that are durable and will guarantee longevity. In addition, we guarantee performance with our sectional doors so that we can create a bespoke garage door that fulfills your specific requirements.

Our premium installation ensures that we can set up premium garage doors to a top quality requirement. This makes sure that you are not left with a garage door that is ill-fitted and will need repairs and maintenance within a brief amount of time after setup.

Sectional Doors

We supply you with bespoke sectional doors in Northampton. All our garage doors are specifically created to fulfill your requirements and fit your intended function. Each of these sectional doors is produced with high quality and toughness in mind, so you are able to take advantage of our customisable garage doors. Not just do we offer custom sectional doors however a bespoke service to match

Our team makes sure that each door satisfies your specific specifications, so you make certain to be able to create a sectional door that fulfills your requirements. In addition, we provide a wide range of colours that you can select from (which we reveal on our colour chart). This allows you to match your garage doors to the aesthetics of your building. Not only do we allow you to customise the colour of your garage doors, however we also use a large range of customisable elements for you to select from

You are also able to have actually multiple windows produced into your sectional doors. To offer you more alternatives, you can choose any glazing you prefer. Nevertheless, we do advise triple glazing. By having windows installed in your doors, you allow natural light into your garage, which helps you to reduce energy bills.

To provide more of a bespoke variety, we supply a range of features you can customise. This makes sure that you have a manufactured door that fits your every intended purpose. If you would like to know more about our customisation, please do not think twice to call us.

Moving Doors

Here at RDS, we want to make sure that we can accommodate every client’s requirement when it comes to industrial doors. This is why we provide a wide range of other doors too, in addition to our sectional doors. These other doors consist of:.

Roller Shutters.

Security Doors.

Fire Shutters.

High Speed Doors.

Folding Doors.

And A lot more!

Why Choose RDS for Roller Shutter Doors?

So, why choose our section doors? Northampton clients, you make certain to be able to have the highest quality of sectional doors that are customised to your specific requirements. Each of our bespoke doors is made to your precise specifications to tailor all your needs. In addition, we only provide high quality doors that are durable and dependable, so you make sure to take advantage of the durability of your new garage doors.

Our group at RDS services and repair work sectional doors; this implies that you can be guaranteed that your high-speed doors are functioning to current laws and guidelines. With over 39-years of experience, you make sure to be able to have a team of experienced and certified engineers that will install your new garage doors to a high requirement. We also offer a 24/7 call-out for emergency situations and repairs, so you have reduced company downtime.

To guarantee you that we are a trusted group, we have been recognised by QMS, ADSA, DHf, Building Line, as well as being Safe Professional Approved. We pride ourselves on these certifications; this reveals that we are a relied on and trustworthy team of contractors. Who carry out to the greatest standard whilst providing high quality doors that match your requirements. In addition, the group of engineers are sure to provide total thorough services to you and your business.

With our tailored high-speed sectional doors, you are guaranteed to get a complete servicing of your brand-new bespoke garage doors in Northampton, along with doors that are tailored to your business needs. In addition, we make sure that our garage doors are weather-resistant and prevent insects from entering your residential or commercial property. Our high performing doors also enable you to have complete control and keep a particular temperature level. By having these primary aspects, you make sure to boost the storage of your products.

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