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Does your loading bay equipment need upgrading? Perhaps it’s seen better days, and you’re looking for a modern, cost-effective replacement. Then look no further than Rowland Door Services as we manufacture and install loading bay equipment that is of a standard you won’t find elsewhere. We provide a premier service carried out by a highly-skilled, fully certified, and qualified team of specialists. 

For more than 40 years, commercial and industrial site owners have flocked to us for doors, shutters, loading bay equipment, and more. We manufacture solutions bespoke to each client’s requirements, ensuring they receive a door customised to their specifications. And we provide a full maintenance provision and 24/7 emergency repair cover too. So, no matter what request you might have, you can trust that Rowland Door Services has it covered. 

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The Quality Loading Bay Equipment Providers 

Whether you’re running a commercial or an industrial site, loading bay equipment like dock levellers and shelters are essential. A dock leveller, as the name suggests, brings the goods or equipment being loaded/ unloaded in line with the dock. Items can be quickly and easily rolled on and off the platform, which can then be lowed to bring it in line with the rear entrance of a heavy goods vehicle. 

Dock shelters are designed to provide added protection from adverse weather conditions, such as rain, wind, and snow. This is essential when loading and unloading goods and equipment that could be damaged by bad weather. Shelters also shield employees so they aren’t exposed to the elements while working. Shelters also boost energy efficiency as a seal can be established between the door and the vehicle’s rear hatch. 

At Rowland Door Services, we have much experience manufacturing and installing loading bay equipment. Whatever your requirements might be, we’d be happy to work closely with you to find the right solution. 

Our Loading Bay Equipment at RDS 

Our range of loading bay equipment covers all the bases, so whatever option we find is best suited to your setup, rest assured we can provide it. 

Take our ‘Swing Lip’ option as an example. These supremely well-built dock levellers rise to their highest point before coming to rest gently on the rest of the vehicle bed. The dock leveller auto-adjusts itself with the vehicle to allow for safe loading and unloading. Weight limits are available of up to 6,000kg or 10,000kg, and these options can be supplied in a variety of RAL colours. 

Our telescopic option is ideally suited for situations that require longer reaches. Varied lip lengths are available, including: 

  • 500mm 
  • 750mm 
  • 1000mm 

Similarly, weight limits of up to 6,000kg and 10,000kg also exist, as does the colour availability. 

Lastly, we have our manual option that comes with manual dock loading plates. This option is not electrical, so these levellers will operate even in a power failure. It’s the perfect energy-efficient, budget-friendly alternative to the options mentioned above. Installation times are greatly reduced as our maintenance requirements. 

For dock shelters, we offer two options – retractable and inflatable. The two are fairly self-explanatory in how they operate. Inflatable shelters are generally preferred, however, when dealing with cold stores. Once inflated, they create a tight seal around the vehicle, allowing for the temperature inside to be closely regulated. Foam dock pads are also available as added protection for the lorry. 

With a dock shelter in place, you’ll appreciate the immediate benefits, such as: 

  • Safe Working Conditions 
  • Increased Productivity 
  • Weather Protection 
  • Complete Protection for Temperature-Sensitive Goods and Equipment 
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Now that you know a little more about us, we encourage you to contact RDS to inquire about our prices and installation service. Call our team now on 0121 328 8403 to find out more.

Why Come to RDS for Our Loading Bay Equipment?   

Rowland Door Services excel when it comes to commercial and industrial doors. Our diverse capabilities and range of services enable us to cater to all our customers’ requirements. Whether you need a brand-new set of sectional industrial doors, high-speed doors, loading bay equipment, or something else entirely, we’ve got you covered. We take immense pride in the art of manufacturing and installing doors to the highest standard. 

Our track record has earned us a reputation with many blue-chip clients, including Tesco and Jaguar Land Rover. We also cater to small businesses too, so whatever your commercial and industrial door requirements, you need only give us a call. All work is carried out by highly trained specialists who are fully qualified and certified. Plus, thanks to our maintenance provision, we can keep your entrances in excellent working order. And if anything should go wrong, our repair specialists can be at your site in no time, thanks to our 24/7 availability. 

To top it all off, we think you’ll find our services to be very competitively priced, so you won’t end up spending more than you should on your loading bay equipment.   

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If you’re looking for the best supplier of loading dock equipment, it should be obvious now that Rowland Door Services has your needs covered. Our impressive capabilities allow for the manufacturing and installation of top-quality dock levellers and shelters, ensuring your loading bays are fully equipped to handle all loading and unloading assignments. With many years of experience backing us, you can trust that we can handle any request. 

Remember that Rowland Door Services are the leading provider of dock loading equipment in the UK. Not only can we supply and install dock equipment, but our skilled team can provide a full maintenance provision and 24/7 emergency repair cover. To discuss your requirements in more detail, give our team a call today on 0121 817 7017. Alternatively, you can get in touch by completing our online contact form or emailing enquiries@rds-limited.co.uk. We’ll be in touch with you as soon as possible. 

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