Kendal Sectional Doors

Kendal Sectional Doors

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Are you wanting to upgrade your sectional doors to be completely automated? Or perhaps you’re wanting to change an old collection of roller shutters with an innovative new set of our sectional doors. Kendal customers require to look no further than RDS for the best selection of roller shutters, high speed doors, security doors, fire shutters, sectional doors, and also more right here in the UK.

We have actually developed an outstanding reputation over the last 39+ years., so you can trust that you have actually reached out to a team that’s very rated. Our client base is a testimony to our outstanding handiwork, service, and also cost. Not only do we offer the best option of doors in the UK, yet we can take care of all custom tasks, providing and also mounting high-performance systems constructed to last.

As well as thanks to our 24/7 availability, must you ever before run into a problem with your doors, help simply a call away. To start, phone RDS now on 0121 817 7017.

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High-Quality Sectional Doors in Kendal

When it pertains to the entrance option, numerous business owners select sectional doors as they are thought about to be among the best, most dependable alternatives available. Sectional doors typically integrate high-performance performance, making them basically high speed doors. The beauty of high speed doors is that with rapid-fast opening and closing speeds, they keep the premises warm, dry, and secure.

Not all sectional doors are made equal, though, Kendal consumers, which’s where RDS can be found in. Here at RDS, we’re dedicated to providing our clients with the best doors and installation services around.

We’re beyond positive that our top quality sectional doors will leave you thoroughly satisfied, so call now to start.




Derby High Speed Doors

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What Functions do Sectional Doors Have?

Just like all our other products, from our fire shutters to our roller doors and security doors, our sectional doors come filled with functions. Initially, each set is made by us and made to determine, so it will fit like a glove without needing any more modifications.

All our doors are made up of premium-grade materials and components for a more powerful, more resilient set of doors that will stand the test of time. If you choose high-performance sectional doors, you’ll receive a set of high-speed doors that provide super-fast opening and closing speeds.

On top of that, our sectional doors included market-leading security features making them an excellent choice for when security doors are top of your wish list. These features make them impossible to require or pry open and guarantee that just those with an authorised means of entry are getting in.

Vision windows can be contributed to our sectional doors if preferred; these are a fantastic choice for those who desire the doors to let in a little natural light.

Lastly, we can make automatic sectional doors readily available that featured high-spec control systems that are entirely user-friendly, responsive, and secure. And if you need to manually run your doors, state, throughout a power cut, all doors feature a manual override.


Advantages of Using Sectional Doors for your Kendal Company

There are ample benefits to selecting a set of sectional doors for your company, and these consist of:

  • Space-Saving Style
  • Totally Insulated
  • Boosted Security
  • Safer Than Other Automatic Doors
  • Strength and Toughness

Sectional doors, like roller shutters, open vertically, however unlike roller shutters, they fold into the ceiling location. Each sectional door is made of hinge-connected panels that let the door flex and bend. As it opens, it slides up into the ceiling location, where it sits flat. Because of how it opens, it doesn’t protrude outwards, freeing up valuable space in front of the doors.

This means you can park lorries a lot more detailed, and you also will not need to fret about blocking anybody if your doors open onto a public walkway.

With our sectional doors, you’ll have a set of high-speed doors, security doors, and insulated doors all rolled into one package. Our doors come with market-leading locking systems designed to keep out even the most identified trespasser.

Since each panel connects straight to the track and due to the fact that our doors include anti-entrapment functions (according to UK and EU policies), there’s little chance of getting your fingers stuck. This is decreased even further because these doors can be opened automatically, making sectional doors among the best options available.

Last but not least, the strength and sturdiness of our doors imply that they’ll stand the test of time, withstand even violent weather, and stand up to the rigours of daily use, even in a busy environment.


Are Sectional Doors Reliable?

Sectional doors are really dependable as they are constructed to a high standard utilising premium-grade materials and components. Each panel connects straight to the track for greater strength. When it concerns insulating efficiency, the density of the foam and the continuous design of the doors (instead of interlinked similar to roller shutters) offers an even more reliable, quantifiable U-value.

That makes these doors an exceptional option for keeping your facilities warm and dry in the cold weather. And with both automated and manual functions readily available, sectional doors can be easily run at any time, even if the power stops working.

Bespoke Sectional Doors

At RDS, we know that no two customers’ requirements are always the exact same, and so we do not provide a “one-size-fits-all” solution. We’ve pointed out the bespoke features offered and the reality that we customise all our sectional doors to our customers’ requirements. We’ve discussed the different door types available. And we have actually talked about why you need to buy a set of sectional doors.

So, if you remain in the marketplace for a new entry solution for your company, you understand where to turn. For custom sectional doors, high speed doors, fire shutters, roller shutters, and more, look no further than RDS.


Other Industrial Garage Doors We Supply

We’re the market’s leading provider of sectional garage doors, however we didn’t get to be one of the UK’s top suppliers of commercial garage doors by restricting our range. We likewise produce and provide a range of other entrance types, consisting of:

So, whether you remain in the market for a brand-new set of roller shutters, aiming to improve security with totally certified fire shutters, need an automated solution, and so on, we’ve got you covered.


Why Choose Our Sectional Doors Kendal Clients?

RDS was founded in 1983, and for the last 40 years, we’ve assisted clients in Kendal and beyond with setup, repair, maintenance, and maintenance services. From high speed doors to roller shutters, our understanding of industrial doors and shutters is unmatched.

We’re proud to work along with both domestic and industrial customers, consisting of the similarity Tesco and Jaguar Land Rover. The level of service and cost we supply has actually made us accreditations with the likes of ADSA and Constructionline. Plus, our dedication to health and wellness has ingratiated us with the similarity Safecontractor.

Such recommendations need to serve to show that we’re quickly the go-to business for doors and shutters in Kendal and beyond. Whatever your requirements might be, you can depend on our experienced, extremely trained group to provide, so call us now to get started.


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Now that you have actually had a chance to check out the post above, it must be obvious who to require quality doors. We’re the best supplier of choices that consist of sectional doors, roller doors, fire shutters, security doors, and high-speed doors Kendal needs to use. Backed by over 39 years of experience, we’re very capable of managing any bespoke task, guaranteeing that any outcome is tailored to your requirements.

Along with customers in Kendal taking advantage of our services, keep in mind that we’re tactically situated, so any consumer in the UK can concern us for a new set of doors or shutters. We provide high-performance systems with sophisticated features that improve security, insulate your residential or commercial property, and enhance user safety.

If you want to discover more, the very best strategy is to call RDS on 0121 817 7017. You can likewise contact us by filling out our online contact form or emailing



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