Dock Levellers

If you’re running a commercial or industrial site, chances are high that your site is equipped with one or more dock levellers.

Dock levellers are, of course, an essential feature and so it’s important that you have options installed which won’t let you down. Here at RDS, we specialise in designing, manufacturing, and installing the highest quality entrances. We’ve provided this service to clients all over the UK for many years now, making us the go-to company for dock levellers.

Should you wish to place an order with us or manage an existing one, our handy client portal makes this so much easier. And if you’d like to learn more about our dock levellers and why they are such an excellent investment, keep reading or give RDS a call today on 0121 328 8403.

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Introducing Bespoke Dock Levellers

The first thing to mention about the dock levellers manufactured by RDS is that they are made to be supremely strong. We use only top-quality materials in their construction, ensuring that each one performs flawlessly for many years to come. These levellers are weather-resistant and fast-performing too, so, no matter what, they won’t let you down and will ensure a quick and smooth operation.

Fully Customisable

As with everything that we design and manufacture here at RDS, our dock levellers are fully customisable. We recognise that requests aren’t always identical, and so we can tweak each design to provide you with the dock leveller that’s best suited to your set up. This starts with the type of dock style that you choose. There are several types available starting with the ‘Swing Lip’ option.

Swing Lips

The ‘Swing Lip’ option will rise to its highest point. At which point it comes to rest gently onto the rest of the vehicle bed. To allow for a safe loading process, the dock leveller then auto-adjusts itself with the vehicle, ensuring the safety of those using it. With this option, weight limits of up to 6,000KG or 10,000KG are available to suit your needs. Plus, this option is available in a range of RAL codes, so you can opt for the colour of your choice.


If you require additional range, then the ‘Telescopic’ option is recommended. This option is suitable for longer ranges while boasting excellent accuracy while on the trailer. Varied lip lengths are available, such as:

  • 500mm
  • 750mm
  • 1000mm

Plus, customers can choose up to 6,000KG or 10,000KG as the available weight capacity. And, as with our other options, a wide selection of RAL codes are also available.


The final option available is our ‘Manual’ option. This setup comes with manual dock loading plates and requires no energy supply to run. These dock levellers can be operated with complete ease and are a far more energy-efficient option for the budget-conscious business owner. Maintenance is also minimal, and installation times are the lowest of the three available options. Consider this variant if having an automatic option is not a priority.

And with that, you now have a better understanding of why our dock levellers are such a great investment for business owners. Call RDS now on 0121 328 8403 if you’d like to learn more about our design and installation service.

We’re proud to be the best supplier of quality dock leveller solutions – if you would like more details, the quickest way is to get in touch with the RDS team by phoning us today on 0121 328 8403. 

Dock Levellers
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