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Are you interested in having brand new automatic entrance doors installed at the entrance of your business? Look no further than Rowland Door Services! Our team at RDS supplies, installs, maintains, and repairs various types of industrial doors as well as the best automatic entrance doors! Since we manufacture customised doors to meet all of your specifications and needs, our high-speed doors are the best there is. In addition, automatic entrance doors provide easy to use and hands free technology. The perfect automatic entrance doors can be found right here at RDS! 

We provide installation, maintenance and repair services for all your automatic entrance doors. Contact us on 0121 817 7017 or alternatively email us at for all of your high speed doors enquiries or to schedule an appointment with our team so we can serve you with our automatic entrance doors as soon as possible. 

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The Number One Automatic Entrance Doors Company  

Our level of competence and knowledge stems from more than 30 years of experience installing, maintaining, and repairing various types of doors. RDS has an extensive range of doors that we supply all across the United Kingdom. From automatic doors to high-speed doors to a variety of industrial doors, we have it all! 

At any time, we are available to install, maintain, and repair your automatic doors. That is why we provide the best door repair service available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! We recognise that malfunctions in automatic doors can occur at any time and that time is money. Therefore, we make certain that your doors are repaired and that your company activities resume as soon as possible.  

We have a large team of engineers who are all highly trained on all of the doors we work on and install and who are always at the cutting edge of new product development and innovation. We really do mean it when we claim we’re the greatest! RDS is equipped with the most outstanding engineers, doors, equipment, and tools to offer our fantastic service. 

Broad Range of Automatic Entrance Doors to Pick From 

For many years, automatic entrance doors and gates have been the most popular option of entrance for enterprises all over the world. Automatic doors offer convenience to users as they leave their hands free for carrying items. Because you don’t have to make direct contact with the door/gate to open it, they can also assist in reducing the transmission of germs. They’re also great for people who are less abled, such as individuals that rely on using wheelchairs, canes or walkers. 

The automatic entrance doors available vary from industrial doors, dock systems and pedestrian doors. High performance automatic entrance doors vary in use as they can be found in many different fields and companies. For example, pharmaceutical companies and the food industry use these doors as they provide insulation in order to maintain internal temperatures. 

Docking system doors are another type of door that we can offer and service entirely. Finally, dock levellers are systems that are raised to enable the lifting of large goods, parcels, or assets off or onto the back of a vehicle. 

We also have gates, turnstiles, and barriers at RDS. Gates provide excellent security while turnstiles assist in regulating the movement of your clients and customers. 

If you’ve now decided that RDS is the right company to supply and install your new automatic entrance door gates, don’t hesitate to reach out to us by calling 0121 328 8403. 

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Additional Doors Here at RDS  

RDS has many other doors in addition to automatic doors that we are entirely ready to serve you with at a moment’s notice. Some of these include: 

Every different kind of door is completely bespoke, meaning that we can customise it completely to meet your exact needs and specifications! So you can find all that you need when it comes to automatic entrance doors as well as industrial doors here at RDS! 

Folding Doors  

Folding doors are preferred by many industrial and commercial enterprises. They are recognised for being long-lasting, durable, dependable, and versatile and are suited for a wide range of applications. Furthermore, you can rest assured that all of your folding doors will be flawless since RDS custom-builds them to fit your specific needs! 

If your company has a large entrance with limited height, folding doors are the best option. However, standard hinged doors have the drawback of intruding into an open area while open. That’s why folding doors feature a slim, compact design that gives them a collapsible appearance, with the doors stacking neatly to one side. 

Why Come to RDS for Our Automatic Entrance Doors?   

RDS offers more than 40 years of expertise installing, maintaining, and repairing commercial and industrial doors. We have a team of some of the most skilled and expert engineers on hand to assist you with any of our services at any time. In the situation that one of your doors malfunctions unexpectedly, our engineers are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We guarantee the highest quality products since all of the doors we offer are entirely customised to our client’s exact requirements! 

RDS has the most excellent engineers in the country that operate with the highest levels of professionalism and experience to guarantee you get the best service possible. RDS’s experts can make sure your industrial doors and entrance doors are up to code and meet all applicable health and safety laws. In addition, by conducting inspections, we may uncover any potential problems in your automatic entrance doors and rectify them quickly. We’ve also invested heavily in our corporate fleet vehicles and van part inventory to ensure that we can provide a first-fix solution whenever possible. 


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RDS is the place to go if you’re searching for a brand new automatic entrance door for your business or establishment. RDS has over 40 years of expertise in installing, maintaining and repairing automatic entrance doors. We have the UK’s most fantastic selection of industrial and commercial automatic entrance doors! We also have a team of the most professional and experienced engineers that are ready at a moment’s notice to head on out to your location for an emergency malfunction that might happen. Our emergency repair service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year. Our doors will undoubtedly meet all of your requirements! 

Get in contact with us now by calling us at 0121 817 7017, or alternatively, you can email us at for any enquiries regarding our automatic entrance door services, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.  



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