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Are you in need of a proven supplier that can deliver exceptional automatic entrance doors? Warwick clients, look no further, as you’ve now found the team at Rowland Door Services! We’re proud to be the first-choice supplier of automatic doors for many clients in Warwickshire. Our fully trained team are confident in being able to deliver doors of the highest quality to all business owners that are in need. So, what are you waiting for? Get started with our front doors today!

If you’d like to learn more about the automatic doors we can deliver for shop fronts, be sure to call a member of our friendly team on 0121 817 7017. Alternatively, email us at, and we’ll endeavour to get back to you shortly with the required information. Read on to learn more about the various doors we have available and find out why we’re such a highly sought-after supplier.

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The Number One Automatic Entrance Doors Warwick Company 

Here at RDS, we’re delighted to be the number one supplier of automatic entrance doors. Warwick clients can expect to receive doors that fulfil all requirements and are entirely bespoke. Not only will you have quality front doors made for you, but they will also be professionally installed to ensure longevity. 

Automatic Entrance Doors Professionals 

Our skilled team are fully trained with regards to working on a variety of automatic entrance doors. All of our experts have plenty of experience with regards to crafting and fitting, so they’re confident in being able to fulfil all requirements. You won’t find a better local team for front doors. 

Additional Services 

It has always been our aim to cater to the door needs of all clients, which is why we’ve continued to expand the range of models we offer. As such, we also offer the following door types, as well as our fantastic selection of automatic entrance doors: 

Industrial Doors

If you require strong and heavy doors for your industrial site, then we can help thanks to our extensive range of quality models. 

Disabled Access Doors

Need doors that have been tailor-made to ensure easier access for disabled people? Our team have got you covered. 

Docking Systems

If you are in need of specialised docking systems that will be used regularly in your workplace, then we have a selection that will fit the bill. 

Pedestrian Doors

We are proud to offer a wide range of highly functional and easy to maintain pedestrian doors that are fully customisable. 

Quality Automatic Entrance Doors in Warwick

We at RDS believe that it’s not enough to offer just any automatic door to our clients, as we feel that it is important for them to make a lasting investment. As such, our team go above and beyond to ensure that the quality of our automatic entrance doors is exceptional on every project. 

Industrial Door Engineers

Now that you know a little more about us, we encourage you to contact RDS to inquire about our prices and installation service. Call our team now on 0121 328 8403 to find out more.

What Are Automatic Entrance Doors Used For?

Automatic entrance doors, Warwick clients, are used in many different types of buildings. One of the more obvious places where an automatic door would be situated is the front of a shop. Having an automatic entrance door on your shop front will make it easier for potential customers to access your store. However, there are several other places where an automatic entrance door can be useful, including: 

Universities, Schools, Colleges 

Education establishments see an awful lot of foot traffic given the vast number of pupils traversing the building every day. An automatic entrance door can help to ease the flow of people so that congested corridors are avoided. 

Warehouses and Distribution

Warehouses and distribution centres will often see staff unable to open doors easily as their hands are full. Automatic entrance doors take away this problem and will allow your employees to move around freely. 

View Our Range of Automatic Entrance Doors 

The best way to get a clear idea of what our automatic entrance doors are like is to take a look for yourself. The automatic entrance doors & gates page on our website will leave you with a better impression of what to expect from our doors. Take a look through this page and see for yourself the quality front doors we offer. 

Why Come to Us for Our Automatic Entrance Doors? 

When you choose to purchase your automatic entrance doors from us, Warwickshire clients, you’ll be assured of quality. We have the knowledge and experience required to not only deliver doors of exceptional quality but to have them installed as well. When you choose our team, you can expect to receive the best service available when purchasing automatic doors. 

About Us 

We at RDS have been operating since 1983, and over time, have built up an excellent reputation. Thanks to the quality of our doors and services, we’ve become the number one supplier for a range of large commercial clients, including Jaguar and Tesco. Thanks to the skill and knowledge of our staff, as well as the quality of our doors and services, we’ve garnered a large base of loyal clients. 

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So, would you like to take advantage of the finest automatic entrance doors Warwick has to offer? Then you need to get in touch with the experts at RDS today! Our friendly team will be more than willing to discuss the various automatic entrance doors we offer at length, so don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any specific queries. We will do our best to provide you with all the required door information so that you can make an informed purchase. 

If you have a long query that might take some time to resolve, reach out to us via email at or fill out our online contact form. These contact methods will give us the chance to look over your questions thoroughly and provide sufficient answers. Alternatively, give us a call on 0121 817 7017 and speak to a member of our friendly team directly. Whatever contact method you choose, you can expect our experts to help at every turn. 

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