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Have you been searching for a proven team that can deliver high-quality automatic entrance doors? Leamington Spa clients, look no further, as you’ve now found the experts at Rowland Door Services! We’re delighted to be the first choice manufacturer of quality automatic entrance doors in Leamington Spa. Our experts are always willing to discuss our services at length, so be sure to get in touch if you have any specific queries. 

If you’d like to speak to one of our automatic door experts directly, you can do so by giving us a call on 0121 817 7017. We will answer all of your questions immediately and ensure that you’re left with all the required information. Alternatively, you can email your query to, where we’ll do our best to get back to you shortly. Read on to learn more about the excellent automatic entrance doors we have available and find out why we’re such a highly sought after door supplier. 

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    The Number One Automatic Entrance Doors Leamington Spa Specialists

    Here at RDS, we’re proud to offer clients the best automatic entrance doors Leamington Spa has to offer. Our staff go above and beyond to ensure that clients receive automatic entrance doors that fulfil all requirements and leave them wholly satisfied. We will work closely with you to make sure that all your automatic entrance door needs are met and that our team exceed expectations. Read on to learn more about the excellent automatic entrance doors we have available and find out how we can help. 

    Automatic entrance doors have only continued to increase in popularity over the years, in part because of the convenience that they offer. These doors have been improved in everything from design to operation as time has gone on to make things easier for those using them. The doors operate via a system through which those wishing to pass through are detected by a sensor, which causes the doors to open on time. The simple functionality of these doors is why they remain a popular feature. 

    One of the main reasons why clients continue to choose automatic entrance doors for their property is because of the many benefits they offer. For a start, automatic entrance doors, Leamington Spa clients, are incredibly easy to use. Those wishing to enter your retail outlet, warehouse, or other property merely need to walk up to the door in order for it to open. It is because of the ease of use offered by automatic entrance doors that clients continue to choose them to improve traversal in their building. 

    When you first reach out to us at RDS for automatic entrance doors, you can expect our team to be friendly and helpful at all times. We will consult with you thoroughly to determine what type of automatic entrance doors would be best for your needs. Our staff will be more than happy to provide you with useful purchasing advice so that you are fully aware of the various automatic entrance door options available. Rest assured, while our team is there to help, the final door decision will be yours. 

    Once you’ve settled on an automatic entrance door for your property, our team will have it prepared at our facility. We want to make sure that all our clients receive quality doors that exceed expectations. It is for this reason that the doors we deliver have been built using the finest materials available. We check all of our doors thoroughly before having them shipped to clients to make sure that they meet our high standards of quality. It is because of the quality of our doors that clients continue to choose our team. 

    Finally, our team will arrange a convenient date upon which to visit your site and have your automatic entrance doors installed. We understand that such a fitting process can be time-consuming and disruptive, which is why we make sure to work with speed and efficiency at all times. You can expect our staff to test your new doors thoroughly to make sure that they’re operating without issue. It is because of this comprehensive installation service that clients come to us for automatic entrance doors. 


    Why Come to RDS for Our Automated Entrance Doors?

    We at RDS have been in operation for over 39 years, and in that time, have delivered automatic entrance doors of the highest quality to many local clients. Our team have worked on numerous projects that require the installation of automatic entrance doors and have had plenty of success. We have built up an excellent reputation over the years and have established ourselves as the go-to supplier of automatic entrance doors in Leamington spa. We aim to only improve our work further in the future. 

    In order to deliver automatic entrance doors of the finest quality and have them installed correctly, we realise that it is vital to have work carried out by a fully trained team. It is for this reason that we’ve made sure that all of our staff have been trained to the highest level and have a comprehensive understanding of how to fit automatic entrance doors. You can rely on the experience of our staff, who have taken on many challenging projects over the years and completed them all to a high standard. 

    Not all clients reach out to us because they require new automatic entrance doors, as some need our team to carry out maintenance and repair work. We want to ensure that your automatic entrance doors last for as long as possible, which is why we’re proud to also offer first-class maintenance and repair services. We can be at your site in no time to look over your doors and determine whether it requires the attention of our door experts. Such work will keep your doors operating correctly for a long time. 

    At RDS, we realise that clients may require the expertise of our doors team for more than just automatic entrance doors. Leamington Spa clients will, therefore, be relieved to learn that they can also reach out to us for a wide range of other high-quality doors. From docking systems to industrial doors, we have a broad selection of quality models available for clients to take advantage of. As with our automatic entrance doors, all of our other doors meet our high standards of quality and are crafted professionally. 

    We believe that it is our duty to deliver exceptional service to our clients as well as doors of the highest quality. It is for this reason that our staff go above and beyond on every project while working closely with our clients. We will make sure that all of your needs regarding automatic entrance doors are fulfilled. You can expect our team to deal with any door-related issues that you’re having as soon as possible and ensure that you end up with the finest automatic entrance doors on the market. 

    Our skilled team has taken on many challenging projects related to the crafting and installation of quality automatic doors. Thanks to our skill and knowledge, we have managed to complete all of these projects to a high standard and have delivered exceptional results. You can learn more about our past work on automatic entrance doors by browsing through our dedicated case studies page. Reading through our past projects will give you a better idea of what to expect when you hire our experts. 

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    Now that you know a little more about us, we encourage you to contact RDS to inquire about our prices and installation service. Call our team now on 0121 328 8403 to find out more.

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    So, if you’re convinced that ours are the best automatic entrance doors Leamington Spa has to offer, then you need to get in touch with the experts at RDS today! Our doors team is always willing to go through client queries at length and provide customers with all the essential information regarding our automatic entrance doors. If you’d like to take advantage of our excellent automatic entrance doors, Leamington Spa clients shouldn’t hesitate to reach out to our friendly team now! 

    If you have a particularly long query or don’t have a lot of time to chat, then you can reach our staff via email at or fill out our online contact form. Alternatively, if you’d prefer to speak to a member of our doors team directly, you can do so by calling us now on 0121 817 7017. Whatever contact method you choose, you can expect our team to be clear and helpful as they provide you with all the required information. 

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