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Do you want to have brand new automated entrance doors installed at the front of your Leamington Spa business? Then Rowland Door Services is the place to go! RDS supplies, installs, maintains, and repairs a variety of industrial doors, including the greatest automatic entrance doors. Our high-speed automatic entrance doors are the finest as they are custom-made to fit all of your demands and needs. Also, hands-free technology makes automatic entrance doors, Leamington Spa clients, very simple to use.  

Our team of professional engineers will be with you every step of the way, from arriving right to your doorstep in Leamington Spa all the way to completing your automatic entrance door installation. To learn more about our automatic entrance doors, Leamington Spa customers, give us a call on 0121 817 7017. Alternatively, you can email us at, and we will be more than happy to help you.  

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The Number One Automatic Entrance Doors Leamington Spa Specialists  

Here at RDS, we deal with every task with the highest level of professionalism, seriousness, and punctuality. We’ll be ready to install, maintain, or repair your automatic entrance doors in Leamington Spa at your demand. To ensure that your door isn’t left unattended, we work 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We understand that automatic door malfunctions may happen at any time and that time is money. Therefore, we ensure that your doors are restored and that your business operations continue as quickly as possible. For this reason, and many more, we are considered the number one company for automatic entrance doors in Leamington Spa.  

We have a huge staff of engineers that are highly trained on all of the doors we work on and install and who are continually at the forefront of new product development and innovation. When we say we’re the best, we really mean it! RDS is equipped with the greatest engineers, doors, equipment, and tools to offer our amazing services.  

Our expertise and understanding is based on more than 39 years of experience in installing, maintaining, and repairing a variety of industrial doors. RDS offers a vast selection of doors that we distribute throughout the UK. Not only do we provide high-end state of the art automatic entrance doors that are highly favoured by many business owners, but we also provide all kinds of sectional doors, from automatic doors to high-speed doors. RDS will ensure that your need for all types of commercial and industrial automatic doors are completely met. 

Here at RDS, we pride ourselves on providing the best automatic entrance doors in Leamington Spa! Automatic entrance doors and gates have become the most common entrance choice for businesses throughout the world. Business owners highly desire these doors for a variety of reasons. For starters, automatic doors offer convenience to users as they leave their hands free, which can also help with minimising the spread of germs because you don’t have to make direct contact with the door/gate to open it. They’re also ideal for individuals who are less able, such as individuals who need wheelchairs, canes, or walkers to get around. 

Moreover, industrial doors, dock systems, and pedestrian doors are among the automatic entrance doors available at RDS. The applications of high-performance automatic entrance doors vary since they may be found in a variety of industries and businesses. For example, these doors are used by pharmaceutical firms and the food industry because they provide insulation and help to control inside temperatures.

Some of the best automatic entrance doors that we provide are roller shutter doors, sliding doors, sectional doors, and folding doors. For starters, roller shutter doors are industrial doors that are ideal for a variety of storage and warehouse applications. Roller shutters are popular because they provide good protection from a variety of threats, such as harsh weather and robbery. We provide a number of options, all of which incorporate security elements to bring peace of mind to our consumers. They are high-security and heavy-duty doors. Our high-security roller shutter doors are composed of aluminium or steel and are designed to keep buildings safe from vandalism, damage, and attempted burglaries. 

Furthermore, almost every business, organisation, or firm building must have a high-speed sliding door that is attractive and simple to use. Sliding doors are high-speed automatic entrance doors that open horizontally, allowing all pedestrians, clients, and corporate staff to enter quickly. They are frequently constructed of high-quality and durable glass. For those who rely on wheelchairs, canes, or walkers to get about, the sliding doors give a variety of safety, security, and rapid access options. 

With no doubt, industrial sectional doors are one of the greatest industrial automatic doors. Sectional garage doors are made up of a number of solid panels that run the length of the ceiling when they open. Our sectional door selection at RDS comprises the widest range of designs and colours, as well as windows on some models. Sectional doors are quite similar to roller shutter doors in terms of usage, quality, and efficiency, but they differ in design and operation. 

Finally, folding doors are preferred by many industrial and commercial businesses. They are regarded for being long-lasting, dependable, and versatile and are appropriate for a wide range of applications. You can feel confident that all of your folding doors will be flawless since RDS custom-builds them to match your specific needs. For example, if your entrance lacks height but has a wide entrance, then the folding doors will allow you to make use of every inch of space.  

Why Come to RDS for Our Automated Entrance Doors?  

If you need any service related to automatic entrance doors in Leamington Spa, then is it without a doubt an obvious choice to pick RDS. We have over 39 years of experience in all services of installation, maintenance, and repair of automatic entrance doors and other commercial and industrial doors. We service the Leamington Spa area 24/7 around the year in all cases. So if you need a door or if you have a sudden door malfunction, we will be there at your doorstep in Leamington Spa in no time.  

The best supply of materials and doors needs the best team of licenced professional engineers to make the magic happen. Once you call us, a team of two engineers will be at your property in Leamington Spa to assess the situation and take all the information they need regarding their work and project. Our team will take all the measurements they need and have all the tools and equipment required to cater to any of your needs. The RDS engineering team will work with professionalism, expertise, and respect to your property, customers, and staff. No mess, no hassle, just professionals doing the best they could possibly do! 

We also offer a fleet of mobile workshops, which is one of the many reasons why you should rely on our fantastic services. We have you covered when you contact us for our services, whether it’s for the installation of brand new high-speed doors or for any repairs and maintenance requests. Every assignment is delegated to a two-person, fully trained engineering team, ensuring that all work is performed on time and to a high standard. We have a first visit, first fix policy, and we’ve been able to follow it 88 per cent of the time since 2017! We are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality service by ensuring we start and finish any job and any project in the most timely manner.  

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Now that you know a little more about us, we encourage you to contact RDS to inquire about our prices and installation service. Call our team now on 0121 328 8403 to find out more.

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If you are looking for brand new automatic entrance doors in Leamington Spa, then at RDS, you will find all that you need. Here at RDS, we specialise in all services regarding commercial and industrial automatic entrance doors. We provide installation, maintenance, and repair services all year round, 24/7. With over 39 years of experience, you can completely rely on our amazing team of engineers. We operate with punctuality, respect, and great concern for our customers and their clients, all while providing the best value for your money. 

Our team of professional engineers are always ready to be at your doorstep to provide our services for automatic entrance doors in Leamington Spa. Call us now on 0121 817 7017 for any questions you might have or reach out to us via email at we will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible.   

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