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Are you searching for the best supplier of automatic entrance doors in Aylesbury? Or maybe you’re experiencing difficulties with the front or rear entrance of your premises and require assistance. Look no further than Rowland Door Services as we’re one of the leading suppliers of automatic doors in the UK and Ireland. Whether you require a replacement set of automatic doors or your doors need fixing or maintaining, you count on us. 

We’re backed by nearly four decades of experience encompassing all manner of door-related requirements. We’ve assisted countless customers throughout Aylesbury with their automatic doors. Plus, we’re backed by various highly respected organisations, including ADSASafecontractor, and the DHF, so you know you’re in capable hands. To get started, contact our Aylesbury team by calling us on 0121 647 2017. You’ll speak to one of our trained advisors who will schedule a convenient time for you to be visited by one of our engineers. 

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The Automatic Entrance Doors Aylesbury Specialists 

When it comes to doors, including automatic doors, very few companies can hope to come close to matching what we offer here at Rowland Door Services. Backed by nearly 40 years’ experience, we possess sound knowledge and can tackle any request concerning automatic doors. This has made us the go-to automatic entrance doors specialists in Aylesbury. 

Electric Sliding Glass Doors 

Electric sliding doors are an excellent investment and a great space-saving option, making them ideal for any commercial property. These sleek automatic doors open and close with smooth, quiet operation. They are incredibly sleek and come with benefits, including: 

  • Improved Accessibility 
  • Hygiene Control 
  • Superb Energy-Efficiency 
  • Outstanding Aesthetics 
  • Convenience 
  • Ease of Use 

Disabled Access Doors 

Accessibility is an important consideration these days, and it’s not uncommon to see adaptations on commercial properties that accommodate disabled users. The beauty of automatic doors is that they are entirely hands-free. This means that those who’d struggle with manual doors won’t have any such issues with automatic doors. 

The Local Automatic Entrance Doors Company You Can Trust 

When enquiring about automatic doors, customers want to know they’ve chosen a company they can trust. Aylesbury customers can count on Rowland Door Services as we’ve been in the industry for nearly four decades. Our engineers are all fully trained, qualified, and certified, so you know you’re in capable hands. 

Automatic Entrance Door Installation 

If you need to have a new set of doors fitted, don’t hesitate to call Rowland Door Services. We carry out an initial survey, take measurements, and determine your requirements. We supply doors tailored to those requirements and handle all installation work with unmatched professionalism. We never cut corners, ensuring the job is completed correctly and to a high standard. Once we’re done, we’ll ensure your doors are working correctly and that the site is left neat and tidy. 

Automatic Entrance DoorMaintenance 

When choosing Rowland Door Services, you’re never locked into any commitments. We do recommend that you have your doors maintained regularly, and this is a service we’re happy to provide. We can provide you with a bespoke maintenance plan tailored to your needs and budget. During each visit, we’ll carry out a range of checks, tweaks, and repairs. This helps minimise door downtime, keeps repair costs down, and ensures legal compliance. 

Automatic Entrance Door Repair

If your doors are acting up or have broken down entirely, you must consider two things. One, this will bring everything to a grinding halt, costing you money. And two, the doors could be unsafe to use and a hazard to employees and customers. In such instances, Aylesbury customers can rely on Rowland Door Services as we offer 24/7 callouts and can be at your site within a matter of hours. We’re equipped to tackle a range of issues and aim to have your doors restored on our first visit. 

If a follow-up visit is needed, we’ll put in place a temporary fix and aim to return as quickly as possible to finish the repairs on your doors. 

Industrial Door Engineers

Now that you know a little more about us, we encourage you to contact RDS to inquire about our prices and installation service. Call our team now on 0121 328 8403 to find out more.

Quality Services for Automatic Entrance Doors  

No matter what service is required, Aylesbury customers can always count on Rowland Door Services for quality services when it comes to automatic entrance doors. 

What are Automatic Entrance Doors Used for?

Automatic doors are one of the most common door types owing to their convenient, efficient, and easy-to-use design. They are most commonly used in high-traffic areas, such as retail outlets, leisure facilities, community centres, office blocks, etc. They operate with a level of efficiency that’s unmatched by manual variants. 

Universities, Schools, Colleges

Universities, schools, and colleges are among the most prominent users of automatic doors. Such environments see a tremendous amount of footfall each day, from teaching staff to students and visitors. Automatic doors help ease congestion, ensuring a steady flow that’s conducive to a productive learning environment. 

Warehouses and Distribution

Warehouses and distribution centres are a hive of activity, with goods being received and sent. With individuals coming and going, goods being moved all about the place, efficiency is key for smooth operation. That’s why automatic doors are a popular choice because they allow this flow of activity without the problem of congestion. 

Our Types of Automatic Entrance Doors 

Here at Rowland Door Services, we stock a wide selection of automatic entrance doors, making us the first port of call for customers throughout Aylesbury. We have a range of types available with options to suit all requirements. Choose from various styles, sizes, and colours, and we’ll get your doors customised and fitted. 

Other Services 

This was touched on above, but here at Rowland Door Services, we offer a range of other services, including planned maintenance and 24/7 calloutsAnd we cover a range of other door types too, including sectional doors, high-performance doors. Plus, we also supply and fit products, including docking systems, gates, barriers, and turnstiles. 

Industrial Door Engineers

Why Choose Us for Automatic Entrance Doors?  

Choose Rowland Door Services for automatic entrance doors if you covet quality of service and affordability above all else. We feel that customers shouldn’t have to pay a small fortune to receive the best set of doors. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to provide customers with a service that resembles excellent value for money. We operate with complete honesty and transparency, so you’ll never be surprised by hidden fees or exorbitant quotes. 

Every service is carried out by highly trained professionals. We provide a friendly, personable service, so if you ever have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. And if you have any concerns, we’re here to field these too. 

About Us 

Rowland Door Services was founded in 1983 and has continued to go from strength to strength. We’re focused on improving our services to cater to more customers. We have a strong connection with the automotive, and distribution and logistics sectors and are the go-to door specialists for many Blue-Chip clients, including Jaguar Land Rover and Tesco. 

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It should now be obvious who to call whether you’re looking to have automatic doors installed, maintained, or repaired. Here at Rowland Door Services, we’re undoubtedly the best choice for the handling of automatic in all of Aylesbury. Over the years, we’ve worked on countless automatic sliding doors. Whether you’re experiencing a problem with the front or rear entrance or are simply looking to switch out your manual doors, we’ve got you covered. 

To get in touch with our Aylesbury team to discuss your automatic door requirements, pick up the phone and call Rowland Door Services today on 0121 647 2017. One of our trained advisors will talk you through our services and schedule a convenient time for one of our engineers to pay a visit. Alternatively, you can get in touch via a written method by emailing our Aylesbury automatic doors specialists at or by completing our online contact form. 

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