Another High-Speed Success

Another High-Speed Success

RDS has this week completed the installation of yet another high-speed success. 

Our customer over the years has had a multitude of fabric speed doors fitted by others that have either reached the end of their operational life span or simply specified wrong and were never up for the task of what they were originally manufactured for.

Our client was keen to have a door that gave them a high speed option for their logistics teams to utilise, a door that could be fitted externally within a secured compound but was able to cope with all external weather elements without the fear of it blowing out etc in extreme weather conditions.

The RDS-All Weather M2 was the perfect solution and fulfilled all customer specification requirement.

The RDS-AWM2 High Speed door boasts an impressive 2.4m per/second opening speed and a 1.2m per/second closing speed.

Its patented side frame assembly gives a superior seal and wind load class 5 resistance, both market leading properties.

The RDS-AWM2 crash forgiving and self-reinserting curtain design also gives the customer that added reassurance that the door is robust and durable, given the right after care the door will be a valuable asset for many years to come.

Our client also took full advantage of our latest door activation/safety device options and after care package.

For activation purposes they chose to have radars fitted from our condor radar range, these radars have built in presence detectors and can distinguish the difference between an approaching vehicles to a cross path pedestrian. The detector within the radar eliminates and reduces false openings, improving on building energy efficiency and climate retention.
For longevity and added reassurances our client also added a service package to ensure the product was maintained in accordance with current legislation and securing all manufacturing warranties.

On this particular occasion our customer chose a blue curtain (RAL5002) to be in keeping with their corporate colours and opted for a 400mm clear vision section as the door way was used by two way traffic system. The RDS-AWM2 is available in a range of colours and also has a variant of vision types and sizes.

Our dedicated sales team are on hand to provide more information on our RDS-AWM2 and other High Speed Door options that cater for a wide range of environment’s and applications.

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